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How to Load Your Walmart Money Card


do you know How to Load Your Walmart Money Card? You can load your Walmart Money Card at any Walmart store register or MoneyCenter. Alternatively, use the Walmart MoneyCard app to deposit checks from your smartphone.

Walmart MoneyCard serves as a convenient tool for managing your finances, offering a straightforward way to load funds for everyday purchases. Whether you’re adding cash, depositing a check via the mobile app, transferring money from a bank account, or using a direct deposit feature, the options cater to a range of preferences.

The ability to reload your card effortlessly creates a seamless experience for shoppers on the go. Keeping the funds topped up ensures that you can use your MoneyCard for both online and in-store transactions, making it a versatile financial companion. Understanding the various methods for loading your card is essential to maximizing its benefits and managing your budget effectively.

Getting Started With Your Walmart Moneycard



Welcome to the world of convenience with the Walmart MoneyCard. Here, you will find essential information on how to load your card. Easy steps guide you through the whole process. Now, let’s dive into the details.

Eligibility Criteria For Walmart Moneycard

To enjoy the benefits of the Walmart MoneyCard, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Age: Be at least 18 years old.
  • Location: Live in the United States.
  • Identity: Have a valid Social Security number.

Initial Steps To Activate Your Card

Activating your Walmart MoneyCard is straightforward. Follow these initial steps:

  1. Get your card from a Walmart store or order it online.
  2. Visit the Walmart MoneyCard activation page.
  3. Enter the card details as prompted.
  4. Set up a secure PIN.
  5. Start using your card immediately after activation.

Fund Your Card At Walmart Registers

Recharging your Walmart MoneyCard is a breeze at Walmart registers. Simple steps make it effortless to add funds on the go. Whether you prefer cash deposits or rapid reload options, Walmart offers convenient and quick methods to ensure your card stays funded. Below, explore the easy ways to replenish your card while checking out at Walmart.

Cash Deposits At Walmart Checkout

Loading your card with cash is as easy as making a purchase. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit any checkout lane at Walmart.
  • Tell the cashier you want to load money onto your Walmart MoneyCard.
  • Give your cash and MoneyCard to the cashier.
  • The cashier will swipe your card and the funds will be added.
  • A small reload fee may apply.

Remember, cash deposits reflect immediately, so you can use your funds right away!

Using Walmart’s Rapid Reload Service

Need a faster way to fund your card? Walmart Rapid Reload is your answer.

  1. Head to a Walmart register or MoneyCenter.
  2. Swipe your MoneyCard or hand it to the cashier.
  3. Choose the “Rapid Reload” option.
  4. Hand over the cash or a pre-printed payroll or government check.
  5. Your funds are available immediately.
  6. A fee of $3 applies to each Rapid Reload transaction.

Enjoy instant access to your money after each reload, making shopping swift and simple.

Direct Deposit: Convenient And Fast

Direct Deposit: Convenient and Fast means getting your money straight into your Walmart MoneyCard. No more waiting for checks to clear. No more bank lines. With direct deposit, your paycheck or government benefits land in your account quickly and securely. Get your funds fast, and spend less time managing your money. Set it up once, and you’re good to go!

Setting Up Payroll Direct Deposit

For a steady paycheck deposit, simply:

  1. Get your direct deposit form online or from your employer.
  2. Fill out your account details.
  3. Submit the form to your payroll department.

Your next paycheck will automatically appear in your Walmart MoneyCard account. Enjoy immediate access as soon as payday rolls around!

Adding Government Benefits To Your Card

Receiving benefits is straightforward. Here is what to do:

  • Locate the agency providing your benefits.
  • Provide your Walmart MoneyCard’s routing and account number.
  • Opt for direct deposit instead of a paper check.

Benefits like Social Security, VA Compensation, or Tax Refunds can be directly added to your card. This ensures faster access and safer transactions. You can use your funds as soon as they are available!

How to Load Your Walmart Money Card


Online Transfers And Mobile Check Load

Online Transfers and Mobile Check Load options streamline how you refill your Walmart MoneyCard. Enjoy the convenience of adding money on the go or from the comfort of your home. Discover the simple steps to link your bank account for seamless transfers and learn how to deposit checks directly through the app.

Linking Your Bank Account Online

Link your bank account to your Walmart MoneyCard for easy money transfers. Follow these steps for a hassle-free experience:

  1. Log in to the MoneyCard website or app.
  2. Go to the ‘Deposit’ section and choose ‘Link Bank Account’.
  3. Enter your bank account details as prompted.
  4. Verify the linked account with the small deposits Walmart sends.
  5. Start transferring funds as needed.
1Log in to your MoneyCard account
2Select ‘Link Bank Account’
3Input your banking details
4Verify account with test deposits
5Transfer funds effortlessly

Utilizing The Walmart Money card App For Check Deposits

The Walmart MoneyCard app turns your smartphone into a mobile check deposit tool. Get instant access to your funds with these simple steps:

  • Open the Walmart MoneyCard app on your device.
  • Tap ‘Deposit’ and select ‘Deposit a Check’.
  • Snap a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check.
  • Confirm the check amount and submit.

Remember to keep your check for at least 14 days after the deposit. Check deposits are subject to verification and can be funded in minutes for a fee or in 10 days with no fee.

Refilling At Walmart Money centers And Kiosks

Refilling your Walmart MoneyCard is hassle-free at Walmart MoneyCenters and Kiosks. These physical locations offer a convenient way to reload your card with cash while you’re out shopping. Stay on top of your finances by learning how to effectively use these services.

Services Offered By Walmart Money centers

Walmart MoneyCenters provide various financial services:

  • Check cashing – Turn your check into cash instantly.
  • Bill pay – Pay bills quickly and securely.
  • Money orders – A safe way to send money anywhere.
  • Money transfers – Send funds domestically or internationally.
  • Card reloads – Load money onto your Walmart MoneyCard.

How To Use Deposit Kiosks For Your Money card

Using a deposit kiosk is easy and convenient:

  1. Find the nearest kiosk at Walmart.
  2. Touch the screen to begin.
  3. Select ‘Deposit’ then ‘MoneyCard’.
  4. Swipe your MoneyCard.
  5. Insert cash or checks directly into the kiosk.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.
  7. Take your receipt as proof of the reload.

Your funds are available right away. Enjoy shopping with your reloaded MoneyCard!

How to Load Your Walmart Money Card


Managing Your Walmart Money card

Managing Your Walmart MoneyCard requires knowing how to keep tabs on your finances. Whether you’re shopping online, paying bills, or managing everyday expenses, your Walmart MoneyCard acts as a trusty financial companion. Let’s explore the ins and outs of keeping your card balanced and understanding the nitty-gritty of fees and limits.

Monitoring Your Card Balance

Regularly checking your card balance is crucial. It ensures you always know your spending power. It’s simple:

  • Use the App: Download the Walmart MoneyCard app for real-time balance checks.
  • Online Access: Visit the Walmart MoneyCard website for a comprehensive view of transactions.
  • Text Alerts: Enable text updates to receive balance notifications.

Understanding Fees And Limits

The Walmart MoneyCard comes with certain fees and limits you need to be aware of:

FeatureFee or Limit
Monthly MaintenanceFee may apply unless qualifications are met
ATM WithdrawalFee for out-of-network ATMs plus limits
RewardsCash-back limits at Walmart stores
ReloadsPotential fee for cash reloads at locations

Boldly keeping an eye on these details will Set you on a path to smart card management. For a detailed list of fees and limits, turn to the information provided with your card or visit the Walmart MoneyCard site.

How to Load Your Walmart Money Card


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Load Your Walmart Money Card

Can I Load My Walmart Moneycard Online?

Yes, you can easily load your Walmart MoneyCard online by transferring funds from a linked bank account or through direct deposit from your employer.

What Stores Offer Walmart Moneycard Reloading?

Select Walmart store locations, participating retail stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Dollar General, allow you to reload your Walmart MoneyCard at the register.

Is There A Fee For Loading A Walmart Moneycard?

Yes, a reload fee of up to $5. 95 may apply when adding money to your card at retail locations. However, direct deposit and bank transfers are usually free.

How Long Does It Take To Load Money Onto The Card?

Funds loaded through direct deposit are available immediately, while retail store and online bank transfers can take a few minutes to a few days.


Reloading a Walmart Money Card is a breeze with the multiple options available. Whether you opt for direct deposit, cash reload, or bank transfer, you’ll enjoy flexibility and convenience. Remember that fees and limits can apply, so check the details beforehand.

Stay informed, and keep your funds accessible with your loaded Walmart Money Card.


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